Alexander Storage Policies

1. A signed rental agreement, a non-refundable $10 administrative fee and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent is required to secure a storage unit.

2. There is a ninety-day (90) minimum rental period under terms and conditions shown within this agreement for rental of unit.

3. Lessor will provide lessee with a lock. Lessee is permitted one lock per unit. Lessor’s locks will not be placed on units (except for lockouts due to delinquent rent payment). Lessor reserved the right to cut one lock if two locks are used.

4. A $20.00 bolt-cutting fee is assessed if lessor cuts a lock for a lessee due to lien policy or lost keys. If a padlock is left on a storage unit upon lessee move-out, a bolt-cutting fee will be assessed. 

5. Subletting is prohibited without a new rental agreement being signed.

6. A BILL WILL NOT BE SENT TO YOU. Rent is due on the 6th of the month. Make checks payable to “Alexander Storage”. Other payment options accepted are VISA, Mastercard, money orders and cash.

7. A charge of $35 will be assessed for checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

8. A late charge of $20.00 will be assessed if rent is not received before the 15th day of the month and lessee’s unit will be overlocked with lessor’s lock. 

9. Lessee understands that lessor may place a lien on goods for rental payment or fees due and may sell or dispose of goods with proper notice. Delinquent property will go through the lien sale process and be sold at auction per lien disposed of. Deposits will be forfeited if delinquent property goes through the lien process. (Details listed in items 10-13) 

10. If complete rent and all charges over $10.00 have not been received by the 30th day of the month, a Notice of Self Service Storage Facility Lien will be sent to the lessee. 

11. If complete rent and all charges over $10.00 have not been received the 30th day of the following month, lessee’s lock will be cut, inventory will be taken, and a publication of sale of lessee’s goods will be run in The Tribune.

12. If complete rent and all charges over $10.00 have not been received by the 7th day of the third month, a second publication of sale will be run.

13. If complete rent and all charges over $10.00 have not been received by the 14th day of the third month, an auction of lessee’s goods will be held at site or .

14. Rent will be prorated on a per day basis if the unit is not occupied for the full month during move-in. During the move out month, if the unit is vacated before the 15th, half of the monthly rent will be refunded. Lessee agrees to give a minimum Lessee shall be responsible for rent payments until the date that lessor date. Upon evacuation of storage unit and payment of all outstanding bills, the rental deposit shall be returned by mail within 30 days of vacating unit. (non-refundable) Administrative Fee = $ 10.00 (refundable) Customer Deposit = $ . _______ Days ________________Rent = $ . = $ . = $ . Total Amount Due = $ .

15. Anything stored must be taken with the tenant at the end of the rental period. Units should be left completely vacant. Any property left behind will be discarded. A cleaning fee of $50.00 will be assessed if unit is left extremely dirty or items are left behind. A $10.00 fee will be assessed if unit is not swept out, and/or garbage is left behind.

16. It is expressly understood that lessor carries no insurance covering lessee’s goods and assumes no liability for same. disaster, vandalism, burglary or any cause what so ever.

17. total value of lessee’s goods does not exceed $10,000.00 per unit rented. Lessee waives any claims for sentimental value of goods stored.

18. Units are for passive storage only.

19. Lessee may not damage or alter a unit without the consent of the manager.

20. Management reserves the right to enter and inspect or repair units in which a problem exists or is suspected of existing.

21. Lessee understands that this facility is not guaranteed to be a dust free environment. Should lessee wish to receive maximum protection from possible damage due to said conditions, he/she may opt to cover their goods with self provided plastic.

22. summer months. Should a lessee wish to receive maximum protection from possible damage due to said conditions, he/ she may opt to place their stored goods up on self provided blocks or pallets.

23. No children allowed running or playing in the facility grounds. Moving trucks provide a serious hazard.

24. No animals allowed on the premises. We use pest control that can be detrimental to their health.

25. Use caution when accessing storage units, especially during winter months. Ice accumulation can pose a serious hazard, enter at your own risk. Alexander Storage is not responsible for any injuries incurred on our premises.